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Meet Our Team

We recruit the best and brightest of the University of Nebraska at Omaha to join our student-run firm. Members have gone on to work for companies around the world.

Leadership Team

Lexy Schulte.JPG

Lexy Schulte

Executive Director

Jordan Speckmann.jpg

Jordan Speckmann

Assistant Director

Tristen Menichetti2.jpg

Tristen Menichetti

Creative Director


Karen Weber

Program Advisor

Account Associates

Bella Watson.jpg

Bella Watson

Account Associate

Eva Burkland.jpg

Eva Burklund

Account Associate

Natalie Veloso.jpg

Natalie Veloso

Account Associate

Tanner Thorngren.jpg

Tanner Thorngren

Account Associate

Fabio Gbetanou.jpg

Fabio Gbetanou

Account Associate

Samantha Childers.jpg

Sam Childers

Account Associate

Ashley Carroll.jpg

Ashley Carroll

Account Associate

Eddie Okosi2.jpg

Eddie Okosi

Account Associate

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